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Steven Hewett, Owner/Travel Coordinator
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My career as a travel coordinator started after my first Carnival cruise in the Caribbean. I became fascinated with the crew member stories about traveling and their home countries. My thirst for world exposure began. The cruise was also amazing!

 I’ve spent over 20 years traveling for business and leisure. Through these traveling experiences, I learned to expect the unexpected. I also discovered traveling should be efficient and peaceful. Yes, even on business trips!

In my professional career, I’ve always had a knack for taking care of my clients. I think it’s because I look out for everyone’s best interest and can anticipate their needs. My goal is to make this an experience of a lifetime with unforgettable memories.

My personal attention and excellent service will be here throughout the entire process. You’ll be informed of the newest resort features and amenities. Most of all, we’ll answer any of your travel questions or concerns.

My business is ready to customize travel plans for family trips, business travel, and for solo treks. Our travel suppliers provide access to the most popular resorts and cruises. Not to mention, we have access to all the latest deals and special offers. We can completely customize your travel plans and activities.

Let’s find you the best travel experience at the best value!!

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